Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hydration, Work and Travel

Many of us travel either across the country or even the globe chasing new clients and pushing to expand our companies into a new league. The travelling salesman is truely who is responsible for national ad global expansion of trade and industry across this planet. Here are a few tips that have helped me.

I recently spent five weeks in sunny Queensland to undertake some extensive training as well as a trip to NW Queensland to a mining town called Mt Isa. THis tow is literally built around the main mine with other large mines spread out across a close vasinity.

I spent the first day on foot campasing the mining support companies in the town industrial estate and probably travelled about 10 kms on foot that day. When I landed in town, the first step I undertook before starting on my tour was a trip to the fruit market to stock up on plenty of fruit and water. It is hard work, so I take on the attitude that this is great exercise for me that I would be paying for at some gymnasium of would hav eto be using my precious loafig time to do some power walking aroud the block.

Not me. When I am home I am home. When I work I work.

So packed with bottles of the local spring water that I have restructured with X2O and a handing supply of fruit in a carry pack I am away. You feel great and your prospective clients really get to have an experience when you walk in the door not like soe sleezy salesman who is only after some fast money in something that he is't really interested in, but a bright, energetic professional who is interested in his product and is a reflection of what it is like to experience the service of my company.

Hope this helps.

Warmly, Mike King.

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