Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Discover dehydration and 1930's soft drinks here. This I have had to budget this week so I am drinking filtered tap water with X2O. I am not sure if the water supply is actually good here in Brisbane or if this water filter has just been changed. Because the water is soft and very refreshing. The Xooma X2O always does have this effect of the water, but when you have good quality clean clear drinking water to start with it really makes a difference. I have been a little lazy today other than my kilometer at the pool and my advanced rigging course at night time, other than that I have just been at the coputer for the day. It has been cool and a little rainy, but this still doesn't matter if you have a good work out in the pool. I swam a good solid kilometer and used to feel dry and dehydrated for hours afterwards. Not any more. This water is so refreshing and revitalising, that here I am 10pm and I don't really even have the slightest sign of needing to sleep. Better carry on now. Drink well and i will see you tommorrow. is excellent. You get H2O Water. Filtered all Australian Spring Water. This is by far the finest quality spring water that I have ever tasted. With spring water, the supreme test is: Do You Like The Taste Of It? Right! If it didn't taste clear clean and revitalising, then it just is not the water for you. You naturally know whether water will rehydrate you body correctly as it just slides right on down your throat. Have some faith in your own ability. You do know the difference between polluted water and clean clear spring water from a pure source. Surely you can recall drinking from the school bubblers on those ever so hot summer days and still not able to quench your thirst. Instead you now have a bloated belly full of sloshing, chlorine riche and laced with other contaminents water store swilling around in your tummy. Don't sweat it! Now you have the truth about water. My job is to show you the way to truth. Know that you have found it. Let's take a look at the different type of water purificiation. We have tap water, fresh creek water, spring water, rain water, filtered water, distilled water, reverse osmosis water and of course the many many supplies of mineral waters from all over the world. Obviously a good source of natural mineral water with zero pollutants would be the best water to drink. But what about the substrate that the mineral water is flowing and filtering through. The water may come across a large underwater table sitting on mass layers of basalt and other underground water table system. In Outback Australia there are some amazing supplied of bore water that flow up out of the ground with lovely how steamy water. But would you drink this stuff? No way! If you try to drink it you will end up with a very aching belly and possible a trip to hospital. In this same way I am sure that you have noticed the way you feel after you have been around a very negative or nasty person. That's right! Not very good. In fact this effect seems to last, even though release once out of their presence, for a long time afterwards. Well! Your body is around about 70% Water. How do you think the structure of that 70% of water is going to look after you have been around such a person. Of course, it is going to be enturbulated with gross ugly shapes just as we have seen in Mr Moto's pictures. How do you think that your mind is going to react trying to send out commuication through such a system. Exactly! The fluid and water in your body has to be in good shape so that the electrical thought currents can flow easily to the various communication points around your body. With a poor communication line how do you expest it to do so. experience and taste crystal clear revitalization. Realize dehydration and benefits of water drinking now.

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