Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Let's take a look at the different type of water purificiation. We have tap water, fresh creek water, spring water, rain water, filtered water, distilled water, reverse osmosis water and of course the many many supplies of mineral waters from all over the world. Obviously a good source of natural mineral water with zero pollutants would be the best water to drink. But what about the substrate that the mineral water is flowing and filtering through. The water may come across a large underwater table sitting on mass layers of basalt and other underground water table system. In Outback Australia there are some amazing supplied of bore water that flow up out of the ground with lovely how steamy water. But would you drink this stuff? No way! If you try to drink it you will end up with a very aching belly and possible a trip to hospital. I have had to budget this week so I am drinking filtered tap water with X2O. I am not sure if the water supply is actually good here in Brisbane or if this water filter has just been changed. Because the water is soft and very refreshing. The Xooma X2O always does have this effect of the water, but when you have good quality clean clear drinking water to start with it really makes a difference. I have been a little lazy today other than my kilometer at the pool and my advanced rigging course at night time, other than that I have just been at the coputer for the day. It has been cool and a little rainy, but this still doesn't matter if you have a good work out in the pool. I swam a good solid kilometer and used to feel dry and dehydrated for hours afterwards. Not any more. This water is so refreshing and revitalising, that here I am 10pm and I don't really even have the slightest sign of needing to sleep. Better carry on now. Drink well and i will see you tommorrow. Helping the loved ones around you to drink how much water they need nad to drink the correct water and other drinking beverages makes a large difference to your spiritual beingness. Large Claim? Not really. As photographed by Mr Moto in Japan, water is greatly effected by the communication it receives from its environment. This is not just theroy, but scientific truth. In his book "The True Power Of Water." Mr Moto shows amazing photographs of water crystals that have been subjected to different types of communication. The water that received nice positive thoughts formed beautiful snot flake like crystals at the point of freezing. Water that was subject to more negative communicatation like "death" or "doom" was unable to form these lovely symetrical crystal but instead showed ugly blob like shapes. From these pictures you can really see which type of water you would like to have in your system Alkaline Water has an amazing effect of the hydration and health of the body. Did you know that when your water is more alkaline it is actually wetter water? It actually becomes wetter the more alkaline it becomes. You can try this out yourself. When Xooma X2O is added to your drinking water the alkaline level of the water goes up to between 9 and 10. You can carry out your own little experiment. Place a couple of drops of the original water on a table next to a couple of drop of the X2O Water the using your finger drag a drop of each across the table. You will see the X2O water actually hold together and form a more joined line. The original water with break up into broken drops and disburse across this line. The X2O appears and feels wetter.

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